Here’s how to get an estimate for your outpatient surgical procedure

  1. Call your doctor’s office to get a list of the CPT codes that will be performed during your outpatient surgery.
  2. Call our outpatient hotline at 815-231-5402. Give us the CPT codes for your procedure, your insurance information, and your doctor’s name.
  3. We’ll estimate the cost of your procedure, and based on your insurance, give you an estimate of the out-of-pocket cost for your procedure at Rockford Ambulatory Surgery Center.
  4. Use this estimate to get a comparative estimate of the out-of-pocket cost you’ll pay at your hospital to determine which location is best for your situation.

Either way, you’ll get the same procedure, performed by your doctor in a quality environment. The only difference is that you’ll likely pay less if you choose Rockford Ambulatory Surgery Center.

It’s your choice so why pay more?

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