Who is Rockford Ambulatory Surgery Center?

We are an independently operated facility based in Rockford, Illinois, designed to offer patients a safe, comfortable and hygienic place to have their procedures performed by their own surgeons and avoid the excessive costs often affiliated with hospitals. Locally, we are known as RASC. Since 1994, we have performed more than 149,000 procedures of various kinds in our center.

At RASC, we care for people of all ages, including children. We also accept major insurance carriers including Medicare.

Because RASC is independently operated, physicians are not employed by the facility. That gives you the power to pair your doctor with our facility and our expert medical staff.

When you are discussing your health with your doctor and considering your options for outpatient surgery, be sure to "Ask for RASC." We look forward to being a part of your healthcare journey.

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Am I a Good Fit for Outpatient Surgery at RASC?

At RASC, we provide care to a broad spectrum of patients, ranging from two-year-olds to the elderly. We pride ourselves on creating a peaceful atmosphere that reduces anxiety for our youngest clients. By allowing children to familiarize themselves with our space beforehand, we ensure a calm and prepared experience for both them and our staff. Parents are welcome to be with their children up until surgery commences.

For our senior patients, the easy access is a priority. You can drop off directly in front of the entrance and our parking lot is free. Pre-scheduled surgeries mean that a hassle-free visit is a standard part of the RASC experience.

We Strive for 100% Patient Satisfaction

RASC's commitment to complete patient satisfaction drives us to continually seek out and integrate patient feedback. We encourage each patient to contribute to our quality improvement process through our satisfaction surveys, pinpointing areas where we can excel. Our all-encompassing care protocol, which begins from the first consultation to the support we provide post-surgery, is crafted with attention to detail. This commitment is reflected in our 99% satisfaction rating, underscoring the expertise of our medical professionals, the modern technology and comforts of our facilities, and the unwavering support of our administrative staff.

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We Offer Privacy, Comfort and Peace of Mind

Safeguarding patient privacy is essential. RASC provides serene private rooms for pre-surgery comfort, accompanied by dedicated areas for family consultations with healthcare professionals. Our commitment to confidentiality is unwavering, with robust measures in place to protect personal information. Your experience at RASC is designed to be medically attentive and emotionally reassuring. Trust in our care means enjoying a calm environment that nurtures both your well-being and peace of mind throughout your healthcare experience.

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We Are All About Outpatient Procedures

At RASC, we specialize in outpatient surgeries. By focusing solely on scheduled procedures, we eliminate the unpredictability, the high infection rates, bustle of emergency operations and overcrowded waiting rooms typically found in larger hospitals.

Our collaborative physicians are experts in their respective fields. Among the procedures we frequently perform are cataract surgeries, arthroscopic interventions, tonsillectomies, hernia repairs, bunionectomies and more.

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We Offer Dramatic Cost Savings

Realize substantial cost reductions with RASC's streamlined surgical processes. Our facility, optimized for scheduled surgeries, slashes the typical hospital overhead, yielding cost-efficient alternatives. By choosing our services, patients may realize up to 90% in savings compared to traditional hospital fees, subject to their insurance terms. Many insurers and employers not only favor, but also reward the choice of outpatient care with enticing benefits. For optimal financial advantage, contact your insurance provider regarding RASC's options.

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We Make Things Easy!

Receiving an estimate from RASC is quite easy.

Follow these 3 steps:

  1. Contact your doctor’s office and have the staff compile a list of the CPT (current procedural terminology) codes that will be included in your surgery.
  2. Contact RASC and provide the following information: Your surgeon’s name, complete list of CPT codes and your insurance information.
  3. Shortly after receiving the above, RASC will provide you with an estimate of the out-of-pocket costs that you’re likely to be responsible for. It is easy and eliminates unwanted surprises.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At RASC, we aim to provide clear and helpful answers to your questions.

*Cost data obtained from the Illinois Hospital Report Card and Consumers Guide to Health Care. See healthcarereportcard.illinois.gov. Averages based on billed charges for procedures performed on an outpatient basis at local Rockford area hospitals. The out-of-pocket amount is dependent on your health plan’s coinsurance amount.

Please note: The cost comparison table presented is a simplified overview designed for general informational purposes. It consolidates various specific procedures under broader procedural categories. For instance, the term "Lens Procedure" encompasses both cataract surgeries and other lens-related outpatient procedures, among others. This consolidation is made to streamline the presentation of information and may not reflect the full detail or scope of individual procedures.