How Much Can I Really Expect to Save?

Navigating the financial aspects of healthcare can often be as challenging as the medical journey itself. At RASC, we aim to ease this burden with a transparent cost-saving strategy. By choosing us for your outpatient surgery needs, you could realize substantial savings—up to 90%* compared to the costs at local hospitals.

We encourage you to discuss this opportunity with your physician and consider scheduling your procedure at RASC. Explore the potential for significant savings without compromising on quality or care—Rockford Ambulatory Surgery Center is your partner in health and in savings, so ASK FOR RASC!

Outpatient Surgery Savings
Compared to the Hospitals*

ProcedureRASCHospital Average*SavingsSavings as %
Decompression Peripheral Nerve$5,022.00$32,687.00$27,665.0085%
Lens Procedure$5,661.00$10,456.00$4,795.0046%
Hernia Repair (Inguinal)$5,138.00$47,938.00$42,800.0089%
Muscle and Tendon Therapy$9,172.00$41,741.50$32,569.5078%
Hospital Average*$68,898.00
Hospital Average*$43,909.00
Hospital Average*$32,687.00
Hospital Average*$10,456.00
Hospital Average*$47,938.00
Hospital Average*$41,741.50
Hospital Average*$20,432.00

Chet T.

59, Rockford

What Patients Are Saying

After undergoing hernia surgery at Rockford Ambulatory Surgery Center, I am delighted to share my experience. The staff was incredibly attentive and professional, ensuring my comfort throughout the entire process. Thanks to their expertise, my surgery was a success, and I am now running pain-free again. Not to mention how much money I saved versus having it done in a hospital. I highly recommend this center to anyone in need of an outpatient procedure.

Chet T., 59, Rockford

Hernia Repair (Inguinal) Outpatient Comparison*

RASCHospital Average*SavingsSavings as %
Hospital Average*$47,938.00
Savings as %89%

We Accept Medicare and All Major Insurance Plans

We understand that navigating healthcare payments should be straightforward and stress-free. That’s why we are proud to accept Medicare and all major insurance plans, reaffirming our commitment to accessible, high-quality care for every patient.

Our team is dedicated to offering personalized assistance, ensuring that you understand your coverage and the payment options available to you. Rest assured, our goal is to help you focus on what matters most — your health and well-being.

How can I obtain a cost estimate for my procedure?

To receive an estimate from RASC is quite easy. We will assist every step of the way and help you get an estimate so that you will be prepared for what invoices will come your way. Follow these 3 steps:


Contact your doctor’s office and have the staff compile a list of the CPT (current procedural terminology) codes that will be included in your surgery.


Contact RASC and provide the following information: Your surgeon’s name, complete list of CPT codes and your insurance information.


Shortly after receiving the above, RASC will then provide you with an estimate of the out-of-pocket costs that you’re likely to be responsible for. It is easy and eliminates unwanted surprises.

That’s it! If you have any questions, please contact us.


*Cost data obtained from the Illinois Hospital Report Card and Consumers Guide to Health Care. See Averages based on billed charges for procedures performed on an outpatient basis at local Rockford area hospitals. The out-of-pocket amount is dependent on your health plan’s coinsurance amount.

Please note: The cost comparison table presented is a simplified overview designed for general informational purposes. It consolidates various specific procedures under broader procedural categories. For instance, the term "Lens Procedure" encompasses both cataract surgeries and other lens-related outpatient procedures, among others. This consolidation is made to streamline the presentation of information and may not reflect the full detail or scope of individual procedures.