Real Savings You Can See

It’s a fact. Having your outpatient surgery at Rockford Ambulatory will save you 30-50% or more in out-of-pocket costs compared with having the same exact outpatient surgery performed at one of the three big area hospitals.

Your out-of-pocket cost is the portion of the bill you pay after reaching your health insurance plans annual deductible. Although this percentage may vary from plan to plan the typical ratio is 80/20, meaning after your deductible is met your health insurance pays 80% of the bill and you pay the remaining 20%.

Depending on the cost of your procedure your 20% out-of-pocket cost may still cost you thousands of dollars. This table provides examples of common outpatient surgical procedures and compares the Rockford Ambulatory price to the prices of the three big hospitals.

For example the cost of a Tonsillectomy at Rockford Ambulatory is $4,211 compared with the average of $15,622 for the three big hospitals. Have your tonsillectomy at one of the hospitals and your out-of-pocket cost would be $3,124 compared to just $842 at Rockford Ambulatory. That’s a savings of $2,282 for the same procedure.

Your same surgeon performs your surgery; the only difference is your procedure is scheduled at Rockford Ambulatory rather than at Mercy, OSF or SwedishAmerican.

You get the same surgeon and same outstanding care at real savings you can see. Our patients give us a 99% satisfaction rating.

Explore your options, and then ask your surgeon to schedule your procedure at Rockford Ambulatory Surgery Center, the leader in outpatient surgery.

Outpatient Comparisons (Source: IL Hospital Report Card)

Procedure*RASCMercyOSFSwedesHosp. Avg.
Carpal Tunnel$4,876$10,634$7,086$14,040$10,587
Hernia Repair$4,988$16,791$21,642$41,841$26,783
Knee Scope$5,154$11,298$12,900$30,260$18,153
Out Of PocketRASC Avg. OOPHosp. Avg. OOP
Carpal Tunnel$975$2,117
Hernia Repair$998$5,352
Knee Scope$1,031$3,631
Medicare (National Avg.)Surg. Ctr. Avg.Hosp. Avg.
Cataract Surgery**$977$1,917
Medicare Pays$781$1,533
Patient Responsibility$195$383

Sources: *Cost data obtained from the Illinois Hospital Report Card and Consumers Guide to Health Care. See Averages based on billed charges for procedures performed on an outpatient basis at local Rockford area hospitals. The out-of-pocket amount is dependent on your health plan’s coinsurance amount. **This includes facility and doctor fees. You may need more than one doctor and additional cost may apply, see for more information