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Cut Your Medical Bills Down to Size – Pay Less at RASC

It’s a fact. By having your outpatient surgery at Rockford Ambulatory you may Pay Less by up to 50% or more compared with having the same exact outpatient surgery performed at one of the three big Rockford area hospitals.

Why pay more for the same procedure? Talk to your doctor, schedule your procedure at RASC and SAVE up to 50% if not more and Pay Less Now!

Tonsillectomy Procedure – Real World Savings!

Recently, the cost of a Tonsillectomy at Rockford Ambulatory is $4,337 compared with the average of $15,987 for the three big hospitals. Your same surgeon performs your surgery; the only difference is your procedure is scheduled at Rockford Ambulatory rather than at Mercy, OSF or SwedishAmerican.

Save over $11,000 when choosing RASC for your Tonsillectomy.

You get the same surgeon and same outstanding care and pay substantially less. This is just part of why our patients give us a 99% satisfaction rating.

Explore your options, and then ask your surgeon to schedule your procedure at Rockford Ambulatory Surgery Center, the leader in outpatient surgery.

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Outpatient Comparisons (Source: IL Hospital Report Card)

ProcedureRASCHospital Average*Your SavingsSavings as a %
Knee Cartilage Excision$5,309$19,930$14,62173%
Hernia Repair (Inguinal)$5,138$25,850$20,71280%
Lesion Excision$3,751$12,714$8,96370%
Lens Procedure$5,661$12,007$6,34653%
Decompression Peripheral Nerve$5,022$7,718$2,69635%
Muscle and Tendon Therapy$10,666$29,735$19,06964%

Sources: *Cost data obtained from the Illinois Hospital Report Card and Consumers Guide to Health Care. See Averages based on billed charges for procedures performed on an outpatient basis at local Rockford area hospitals. The out-of-pocket amount is dependent on your health plan’s coinsurance amount. **This includes facility and doctor fees.