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Cataract Surgery

at Rockford Ambulatory Surgery Center

Cataract Surgery

Cataract Surgery at Rockford Ambulatory Surgery Center (RASC)

Are you finding it increasingly difficult to read your favorite book or see the beauty of a sunset? Cataracts might be the reason, and you're not alone. At Rockford Ambulatory Surgery Center (RASC), we specialize in outpatient cataract procedures that help restore your vision to its clearer, brighter days.

Understanding Cataract Surgery and the Procedure

Cataract Surgery

Understanding Cataract Surgery and the Procedure


A cataract occurs when the natural lens of the eye becomes cloudy, resulting in blurred or dim vision, much like looking through a foggy window.


Cataract surgery involves the gentle removal of the clouded lens, which is then replaced with a synthetic, transparent intraocular lens (IOL) to restore clear vision.


This procedure is both common and safe, with a high success rate, and it has enabled numerous individuals to recover their vision and improve their quality of life.


Planning Your Path to Clear Vision


Comfort and Precision


A Smooth Recovery

The journey to better sight begins with a pre-operative evaluation. Your eye doctor will measure your eye's shape and size to select the best IOL for you. We'll coordinate with your doctor to schedule the surgery here at RASC, ensuring you receive care from the medical professionals you trust within our state-of-the-art facility. Also, you'll need to arrange for someone to drive you home and stay with you overnight after the procedure.

On the day of your surgery, expect to be with us for a few hours. The actual procedure is surprisingly quick – often taking less than 30 minutes. You'll be slightly sedated, but your eye will be numbed, ensuring you're comfortable and pain-free. Our skilled surgical teams work with precision, guided by the latest technology, to make the experience as smooth as possible.

Post-surgery, you'll rest in our recovery area as we monitor your initial healing. You won't be able to drive immediately after the procedure, so please arrange for transportation. At home, you may need to wear an eye shield temporarily and use prescribed eye drops to prevent infection and inflammation. Most people return to their normal activities within a few days, with a follow-up appointment to ensure everything is healing nicely.

Meet some of the physicians that perform Cataract Surgery at Rockford Ambulatory Service Center

Why Choose RASC for Your Cataract Surgery?

Economic Choice

At RASC, we believe that quality healthcare should be affordable. Our facility is designed to offer the same high-quality care as hospitals but at a more economical cost.

Lens Procedure Outpatient Comparison*

RASCHospital Average*SavingsSavings as %
Hospital Average*$10,456.00
Savings as %46%


Your procedure will be performed by the surgeon you trust in our modern surgical center, ensuring continuity of care from consultation to recovery.

Experienced Teams

Our surgical staff are specialists in outpatient procedures, ensuring that you receive expert care in a welcoming environment.

State-of-the-Art Facility

RASC is equipped with the latest in medical technology, providing you with the highest standard of care.


We understand your time is valuable. Our efficient scheduling and streamlined processes mean you spend less time waiting and more time recovering in the comfort of your home.

*Cost data obtained from the Illinois Hospital Report Card and Consumers Guide to Health Care. See healthcarereportcard.illinois.gov. Averages based on billed charges for procedures performed on an outpatient basis at local Rockford area hospitals. The out-of-pocket amount is dependent on your health plan’s coinsurance amount.

Please note: The cost comparison table presented is a simplified overview designed for general informational purposes. It consolidates various specific procedures under broader procedural categories. For instance, the term "Lens Procedure" encompasses both cataract surgeries and other lens-related outpatient procedures, among others. This consolidation is made to streamline the presentation of information and may not reflect the full detail or scope of individual procedures.